In reybex, you have two options for processing receipts for incoming orders: You can open and edit each document individually. Or you can use batch processing, process many documents simultaneously and save a lot of time.

Since you have to work efficiently, you will learn here how to process several documents at the same time.

Open the transaction Sales documents [SAL05] (Vertriebsbelege)

Import orders at the click of a mouse

Click on the yellow Order Import button. reybex collects the incoming orders from your shops and marketplaces.

Batch processing with quick processing buttons

  1. Mark several documents in the checkbox.
  2. Select a quick edit function from the yellow buttons: Send or Purchase. Follow the quick menu and print delivery notes, invoices, shipping labels, etc. or create an order request if the items are not in stock. 

Batch processing with context menu - right mouse button 

  1. Mark several documents in the checkbox.
  2. Right-click on one of the selected documents.
  3. Select Send or Order from the context menu. Follow the respective menu.
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