In reybex there are ready-made e-mail templates. You can also create your own email templates, like this:

  1. Open the transaction Custom fields [BAS01] -> click on the tab Systemconfig -> select E-mail template -> click on the plus button New
  2. Enter a Name and a Key. Both are freely selectable, but the key must not contain any spaces or special characters.
  3. Enter the default Sender E-mail address, which will be visible to the recipient. 
  4. Now formulate your desired text and enter it.
    Tip: If you open another template, you can use the layout with header and footer by copying and pasting them into your new template.
    Don't worry, fields like this ${docType} will automatically be filled with the correct data and only look this way to you. The customer does not see this in the E-mail.
  5. Click on the green disk symbol Save

If you would like certain content -such as an order number- to be automatically included in the mail, you can enter codes at the desired place, which ensure that the appropriate content is entered at this place. Here is an overview of some codes and their functions:

  • Order data = (${salesHead?.orderDescription ?: salesHead?.docNumber})
  • Trackingcode-link = ${salesHead?.carrier?.name}:${packsTrackingCodes}
  • Document type (delivery note or similar) = ${docType}


  • We have received your order (${salesHead?.orderDescription ?: salesHead?.docNumber}).
  • You can track the shipment under ${salesHead?.carrier?.name}:${packsTrackingCodes}.

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