To ensure that your customers are informed via e-mail with a shipping confirmation + tracking code for the parcel when the delivery note is created, proceed as follows:

  1. Create an E-mail template
  2. Open the transaction Custom fields [BAS01] -> click on the tab Systemconfig -> select E-mail template rules -> click on the plus button New
  3. Select the E-mail template you just created, enter a Name (e.g. shipping confirmation) and select a SalesDocType. If you always create delivery notes at last, select Delivery note.
  4. Fill in the other fields as required (e.g. Marketplace = Idealo)
  5. Save

Now you have created an E-mail which is assigned to the selected sales type. This is how you create the automatic dispatch:

  1. Open the transaction E-mail workflows [EMW01] -> click on the plus button New
  2. Select your previously created E-mail template -> activate Attach document -> Save
  3. After saving, your display extends
  4. Click on the plus button New 
  5. Configure as follows:
    Range = Sale
    Field = Sales document type
    Value = Delivery note 
  6. Activate Define as trigger -> Save
  7. Click on the green diskette symbol Save
  8. If you want to set up this E-mail workflow for a certain marketplace, repeat steps 4-7. In step 5, configure as follows:
    Range = Sale
    Field = Marketplace
    = Your desired marketplace

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