Price setting on

On your marketplace you will find four different price specifications:

  • Current price (Aktueller Preis): current selling prices 
  • Price (Preis): Desired selling price of the article 
  • Minimum price (Mindestpreis): lowest selling price, will not be undercut 
  • Competitive price (Konkurrenzpreis): Lowest price of other sellers

Flexible pricing

  1. If the competitive price is lower than your current price, automatically sets your current price to the lowest competitive price. 
  2. If the competition price is below your minimum price, your price will be set to the minimum price.

Pricing in reybex

You maintain the minimum price for in reybex in the article master. Go to the Miscellaneous tab > enter your minimum price in the Min. retail price field. The minimum price will only be transferred to during synchronization. Synchronization is triggered automatically when the value is changed. 

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