If you want to print something from reybex, the default printer installed on your PC is used. Usually this is a DIN A4 printer.

If you'd like to print labels/receipts, install a suitable driver for your printer and then follow the steps below.

This is how you set up the printer:

  1. Open the transaction Custom fields [BAS01] -> tab Systemconfig. -> Printer -> click on New (green plus button).
  2. Fill in the fields as required. Please make sure that you enter exactly the same printer name in the Name field that is displayed in your computer settings -> Save.

This is how you connect the printers with your cash registers:

  1. Open the transaction Cash registers administration [CAS02].
  2. Set a checkmark at the desired cash register > click on Edit (pen button).
  3. Select your receipt printer in the field Receipt Printer (Kassenbon Drucker), if required also select the printer in the field Invoice Printer (Rechnung Drucker) > if you wish you can select the checkobx print receipt (Bon drucken) and select No voucher print > save.
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