General information

A) Printer

Before you start with order processing, set up your printers. You need:

  • a DIN A4 printer for delivery notes, invoices, credit notes, picking lists, etc. 
  • a zebra printer for shipping labels.  

B) Invoice dispatch

If you do not use e-mail automation, we recommend sending invoices to customers manually by e-mail.

C) Order imports

You can also set the interval for automated order imports. Each imported order is automatically created as an order in reybex. 


Open the transaction Sales documents [SAL05] -> click on the empty field below Label and type in "order" to filter by this term. Now all open orders are displayed (unprocessed orders without delivery note/invoice). Orders with a delivery block are not displayed. If you want to see the orders with delivery block, remove the filter in the column Delivery Block (click on yellow x).

There are 3 ways to process your orders.

Option A - including careful checking of the data

  1. Mark the order with a checkmark -> click on Edit (pen button).
  2. Pay attention to the following:
  • Delivery block set?
  • Tab Recipient: Is the address filled in correctly?
  • Tab Conditions: Are the shipping details correct?/ Does the payment status equal completely paid? 

    3. If everything is correct, click on New (green plus button) -> select the desired                 document type for further processing -> click on OK

Option B - fast, without shipping label printing

  1. Mark the order with a check mark -> click on New (green plus button).
  2. Select the desired document type -> click OK

Option C - fast, with shipping label printing, edit several at the same time

  1. Mark the orders with a checkmark -> right click on one of the marked orders > click on Send
  2. Select the desired receipts/documents/labels -> click OK
  3. In the automatically generated report you can see for which orders the further processing was successfully created. If you are working in a browser, reybex will now create a PDF for download for each document type and for each label (if selected). If that´s not happening, check out your browser settings regarding Popups.
  4. Pack the parcels according to the delivery notes and ready for dispatch. Delivery notes and labels are printed in the same order.

Transfer invoices to the financial accounting

  1. Open the transaction Financial accounting transfer [SAL11] > choose the required documents with a checkmark.
  2. Click on the white button PDF Export or Excel Export or:
  3. If you use the financial accounting feature in reybex, click on transfer to finance  (green arrow button).
  4. You can now find the documents transferred to the financial accounting in the transaction General Financial Postings [FIN06].

NOTE: To get an overview regarding unpaid/partially paid invoices, open the transaction Open items [FIN07]. If you are using the complete financial accounting system in reybex, settled invoices are listed in the transaction Clearing/Matching [FIN08].
Take a look at our article Transfer documents and credit memos to financial accounting to find out more about prcessing bills to financial accounting with reybex.

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