To connect your Hepsiburada shop with reybex, you need some data from your Hepsiburada shop: 

Hepsiburada can provide you with this information. You can write them an e-mail to following address:
Mail Example:

We want to use the integration service to install products,
Our store details are as follows,
Store Name:   XXXXXXX
Current Code:  XXXXXXX
As an integration company, we want to use
Based on this information, I would like to send my API account information.
Thank you.

For your integration processes by Hepsiburada you will receive an e-mail from (
Your API is now complete.

Enter the API key in reybex

Open the transaction Marketplace Setup Wizard [OMP06].
Click on Available Marketplaces and select Hepsiburada.
1. Enter an internal name for your Hepsiburada shop.  
2. Click the checkbox Active to activate the connection to your Hepsiburada shop.
3. Transfer the Entegration Informations from mail to reybex.
4. Click Hepsiburada connection test to check if reybex can connect to your Hepsiburada shop.
5. Click Proceed.  
Fill in the following forms. Keep on clicking on Proceed. Once you get to the last step called Import Categories, click Read categories to import your Hepsiburada categories to reybex. Click Save and start article import.

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