To connect your Gittigidiyor shop with reybex, you need some data from your Gittigidiyor shop: 

  • API key
  • Secret Key 
  • Username 
  • Password

Password will be sent by mail via Gittigidiyor Go to Gittigidiyor backend. (

  1. Go to Gittigidiyor backend. (
  2. Click on API Anahtarları tab

   3. Click on tıklayın.  
   4. Fill in the fields in the green marked area.
   5. Click Gönder button 

Your API information will be created and your password will be sent to your mail address  

Enter the API key in reybex

Open the transaction Marketplace Setup Wizard [OMP06]. Click on Available Marketplaces and select Gittigidiyor.

  1. Enter an internal name for your Gittigidiyor shop.
  2. Click the checkbox Active to activate the connection to your Gittigidiyor shop.
  3. Transfer the API information from Gittigidiyor to reybex.
  4. Transfer the Password from mail to reybex.

Click Gittigidiyor connection test to check if reybex can connect to your Gittigidiyor shop.

Click Proceed.  

Fill in the following forms. Keep on clicking on Proceed. Under Import Categories, click Read categories and import your Gittigidiyor categories to reybex. Click Save and start article import

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