1. The article must exist on Amazon
    Your articles need to have an existing ASIN. Amazon articles only appear once. This article is marked with a unique ASIN on Amazon. Every Amazon retailer uses the same ASIN and assigns its offer to this article. If you want to register a new article on Amazon, you must apply for it at Amazon. 
  2. Your articles in reybex must contain the same SKU, EAN and ASIN numbers as those provided by Amazon.
    To set this up open the transaction Article Master [BAS02] > Miscellaneous > Additional information.
  3. Activate your article on Amazon.
    Select the article > Marketplaces > Amazon. Mark the Active checkbox and select a category in which the article should be listed on Amazon.
  4. Save the article and add stock to the article.
    Open the transaction Manual Accounting Entry [INV01].
    In the transaction Marketplace Synchronization [OMP02] your entry for your article is visible now. As soon as this article disappears from the list, it has been transferred to your Amazon Shop.
  5. Of course, the Amazon marketplace must also be active. To acticate Amazon in rybex please read our article Set up Amazon marketplace in reybex.
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