Saving tracking codes in reybex 

Shipment tracking is automated in reybex. If you have connected your shipping service provider to reybex, the tracking code for shipment tracking will automatically be entered in reybex. 

Enter the tracking code manually

If you are not using the business customer portal of your shipping service provider, you can enter the tracking numbers in reybex. To do so, click on the Parcels tab in your sales document. Click on the plus button to create a new package. 

Enter the License plate and the Tracking code, click on OK and Save. The numbers are now displayed in the Parcels tab.

Automated dispatch of tracking codes

If you have configured an E-mail workflow and entered your customer's E-mail address in your sales document, the tracking code will be sent automatically via E-mail. You will find the necessary instructions in our article Automation: Shipment confirmation with tracking code of the parcel.

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